Anna Kendrick dominates on SNL

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Here Are Anna Kendrick’s Top Four Moments on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Try Not to Love Her.

Anna Kendrick on “SNL”

Anna Kendrick’s unparalleled cuteness makes it impossible for her to do anything wrong. For example, the Tony/Oscar nominee made a cup stacking video… and it went viral. Like, really viral. Cup stacking. Almost one hundred and twenty two million views of stacking cups. But it was Anna Kendrick so it’s infinitely watchable. Anyways…

Apart from cup stacking and reigning supreme at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival — Kendrick starred in three new indie films — she just hosted “Saturday Night Live” last Saturday.

Here are her best four moments. I dare you not to like her.

1. Little Mermaid

Anna Kendrick is the Little Mermaid. Makes sense. In a sketch that highlights Kendrick’s crazy good voice, she mimics some of pop’s greatest female vocalists. However Ursula, Sebastian the Crab, and Flounder the flounder don’t seem to enjoy Kendrick’s shrill spin on the state of modern pop.

2. Dongs

As we all know, it’s totally cool if a dude has tons of ‘ho’s in different area codes.’ Ludacris does, so it must be true, right? In the clever digital short “Dongs,” a team of ladies go on a global quest for the D. Sounds ridiculous. But wait, is it any different from Luda’s chauvinistic player’s anthem?

3. Kendrick Auditions for Pharrell

Kendrick is impervious to criticism in a way similar to how Pharrell is impervious to time. How old is that guy anyway? Kendrick once again kills it on the song front, singing the “Rent” anthem “Take Me Or Leave.” Pharrell sits there and grooves. I mean, there’s probably no one who is cooler, but I still don’t know what’s up with his Arby’s hat.

4. Les Jeunes De Paris

In a sketch that harkens back to the good old days of “SNL”‘s Sprockets, Kendrick heads up a strange dance troupe of French people. Who dance strangely. Don’t read into it too far. It is what it is.