Jake Platrow one of Sundance’s 10 Buzzed About Filmmakers at this Year’s Fest

By January 16, 2014No Comments

There are hundreds of talented directors, writers and producers at this year’s Sundance Film Festival but it’s impossible to give everyone their due without seeing the actual movies. With so many choices and such little time, The Wrap asked dozens of Hollywood types which filmmakers are poised for breakout success at this year’s festival. Here are 10 (well, technically 15) who could steal the spotlight this week, listed in alphabetical order.

JAKE PALTROW (writer/director)
 ”Young Ones” (Premieres)
Why He’s One to Watch: Paltrow’s debut film “The Good Night” premiered at Sundance in 2007 but failed to register with audiences upon release. He should have a better chance to make a splash with this Western-flavored sci-fi movie, which boasts a top-notch young cast including Nicholas Hoult, Elle Fanning and Kodi Smit-McPhee, as well as Michael Shannon. Paltrow wound up directing Shannon in an episode of “Boardwalk Empire,” so at the very least, HBO has been paying attention. Audiences would be wise to do the same, as “Young Ones” could end up being a sleeper hit at Sundance.
First Screening: Saturday, Jan. 18, 9:45 p.m. at the Eccles