Meet the Next Eddie Redmayne: Josh Whitehouse, the New Face of Mr. Burberry

By April 6, 2016No Comments

You may recognize Eddie Redmayne as 2015’s awards season champion—but before the smiley Brit actor got the Hollywood treatment in critically acclaimed films like The Theory of Everything, The Danish Girl  or even in an upcoming adaptation of J. K. Rowling‘s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, he was a Burberry man through and through.

The brand helped launch the model/actor’s career—alongside other leading men like Sam Riley, Jamie Campbell-Bower and Alex Pettyfer. Now, let us introduce you to the new Redmayne in the scene—the face of Mr. Burberry—Josh Whitehouse.

The 26-year-old musician and actor is well on his way to mainstream stardom, relying on his broody good looks, lean physique and acting chops to gain traction. Before the Northern Soul star becomes a red carpet staple, here’s why he needs to be on your radar.

He’s Got Rhythm: In addition to working on upcoming feature films, Josh is a singer, guitarist and songwriter of Brit brand More Like Trees, a three-member acoustic group.

Industry Vets Recognize His Talent: “There’s an optimism in Josh, and that optimism is very beautiful. I’m so happy we caught it on camera,” said legendary director Steve McQueen, who shot the budding actor in the latest Burberry campaign video.

He’s a Humble Guy: “Being cast as Mr. Burberry is a new feeling, I must say! But it’s a good one,” said Josh. “I can’t say I ever imagined being asked to be in a fragrance campaign. I feel incredibly honored, shocked and delighted to be cast as Mr. Burberry. It’s quite overwhelming.”

He’s About the Art: Despite being the face of a luxury fragrance campaign, Josh apparently doesn’t have personal space issues. He lives in an old warehouse in East London with eight other roommates, who, by the way, are all creatives—artists, musicians, painters or designers.