The animated preschool series’ initial run of 20 short episodes will launch on the UK network in October.

UK broadcaster Sky Kids has commissioned an animated preschool series following the adventures of Streetcat Bob, the popular book and movie character. Titled StreetCat Bob, the show’s initial launch of 20 short episodes will be available on the network in October.

The real Bob is credited with changing the life of James Bowen, a recovering addict living on the streets of London, and the feline first found fame in a series of books that have sold more than seven million copies worldwide. In 2016, Bob landed on the big screen with the live-action feature film A Street Cat Named Bob. The new animated series will star Bob and his animal friends living together in Bowen Park.

StreetCat Bob is produced by British animation studio King Rollo Films (Maisy), and was created by Garry Jenkins, the co-author of the Streetcat Bob books, and Nickelodeon UK’s former programming director Debbie Macdonald. Adam Rolston, who produced A Street Cat Named Bob, is also producing the new series. Last year, King Rollo produced a series of shorts that were launched on the brand’s YouTube channel.

UK-based brand management agency Brands with Influence is in talks with licensees to develop merchandise for the series.

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