The year is 2050. On the coast of the sovereign state of Britannica, a tangled mass of industrial refineries, dilapidated high-rises and imposing totalitarian state buildings make up the smog filled city of Port Victoria. This city is a beacon of hope for would be illegal immigrants who fight a running war with the private task forces of Border Corp. The city is home to Border Corp’s Captain Kate Jones (Green), a long serving patriot of a nation that closed its borders to the war-ravaged outside world as far back as she can remember. All Kate has known is defense of the purity of the population and of the wall, a 15-foot-high armed fortification that separates this once great nation from the post-apocalyptic world outside. Kate has never questioned the regime that she works for until a mysterious apparition and the chance discovery of a sinister subway network that transports captured illegals out of the city. As Kate’s suspicions grows, she begins to doubt the authority to which she has pledged allegiance and the ‘truth’ she has been told.