Based on a true story – BOTTLE SHOCK chronicles the events leading up to the famous Paris Tastings of 1976, wherein Napa wines bested the exalted French wines in a blind tasting that was eventually named “The Judgment of Paris.” Steve Spurrier (ROCKMAN), plays an unwitting British wine shop owner in Paris whose publicity stunt set the stage for a paradigm shift in the wine world. Jim (PULLMAN) and Bo Barrett (PINE) are the father and son owners of failing Chateau Montelena vineyard, and they must overcome their differences to save Chateau Montelena from creditors with what they think is an entirely ruined vintage that ultimately bests them all. Against the backdrop of the turbulent 70’s and in the shadow of the French who had dominated the world’s viticulture and viniculture for centuries, these “hicks from the sticks” rose up for California, for America, for wine.  And the world of wine was never the same.