If You Were The Last

Written & Directed by:

Kristian Mercado (Nueveo Rico)

Produced by:

Depth of Field (The Farewell, Columbus, Pinocchio)

Kara Durett (The Starling Girl, Save Yourselves!)

Gabrielle Nadig (Little Woods, King Jack)


Anthony Mackie (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Zoë Chao (Apple’s Search Party, Your Place or Mine),Natalie Morales (No Hard Feelings, Stuber)

IF YOU WERE THE LAST is a hilarious comedy about two astronauts (Anthony Mackie and Zoe Chao) who thinkthey’ll have to live out their remaining days stranded in space on their broken ship. What starts off as a platonicrelationship evolves into something greater. When their undeniable connection starts to flourish, the spaceshipsurprisingly starts functioning and sets a course back to Earth. The two are forced to return to their Earth liveswhere nothing is as they left it.