Love Type D

Written & Directed by:

Sasha Collington

Produced by:

Jessica Benhamou, Harry Dodd-Noble,  Sasha Collington


Maeve Dermody (Amazon’s Carnival Row, The Secret Garden), Rory Stroud (EastEnders), Oliver Farnworth (The Girl on the Train), Tovah Feldshuh (The Lady in the Water), Will Firth (The Secret Garden)

How can someone love you yesterday and not today? Shortly after her boyfriend sends his 12-year-old brother, Wilbur, to break the news that she’s been dumped, Frankie Browne discovers that she has a “loser in love” gene. Every man she goes out with will inevitably break up with her. And Frankie is not alone. Scientists estimate that one in five people have the gene for romantic misfortune.

Facing a lifetime of romantic failure, Frankie turns to the only genetics expert she knows: her former nemesis Wilbur, the schoolboy science prodigy. Wilbur develops a maverick theory to reverse her romantic fortunes, based on his work studying the DNA of hamsters.

This theory sets into motion an unexpected and comic journey into Frankie’s past and her questionable romantic choices, as Frankie struggles to understand the intricacies of the human heart and whether your genes are truly your destiny.