Obvious Child

Written & Directed by:

Gillian Robespierre

Executive Produced by:

David Kaplan (Drinking Buddies, Short Term 12)

Produced by:

Elisabeth Holm (Welcome to Pine Hill)


Jenny Slate (NBC’s Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation), Jack Lacy (NBC’s The Office) Gaby Hoffmann (Crystal Fairy) and David Cross (Arrested Development, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

OBVIOUS CHILD is an honest comedy about what happens when Brooklyn stand-up comedian Donna Stern (SLATE) gets dumped, fired and pregnant just in time for Valentine’s Day. Forever nudged by her parents to make better choices, Donna does exactly that when a one-night stand leads to a difficult decision. Though sure of her choice, Donna must gain the confidence to believe in her talent, herself, and in those around her, especially one surprisingly decent guy who just might make this the most memorable Valentine’s Day of her life.