Directed by:

Lavinia Currier (Passion in the Desert, American Dream)

Produced by:

James Bruce (CBS’s Survivor, NBC’s The Apprentice)


Kris Marshall (Death at a Funeral, Love Actually, The Merchant of Venice), Peter Riegert (Animal House, Crossing Delancey, Local Hero) and Isaach De Bankolé (Casino Royale, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly)

Twenty-five years ago, ethnomusicologist Louis Sarno traveled from New Jersey to the forests of Central Africa to record the music of the Bayaka Pygmies. Falling in love with a Bayaka girl and her forest lifestyle, he decided to stay. OKA! Retells his adventurous life in Africa with his adopted family. The Bayaka pygmies maintain a tenuous balance between their traditional forest existence and their increasing dependence on the Bantu villagers. Through the eyes of Larry (MARSHALL), a tall, ungainly white man from New Jersey who in spite of his failing liver accompanies the Bayaka on a journey into the heart of the forest, OKA! offers a unique glimpse into the music, humor, and spirit of the Bayaka people.