Pretty Problems

Directed by:

Kestrin Pantera (Mother’s Little Helpers)

Written by:

Michael Tennant, Britt Rentschler, Charlotte Ubben

Produced by:

Michael Tennant (Colossal, The Novice, Landline), Katya Alexander, Britt Rentschler, Charlotte Ubben


Britt Rentschler (Uncle Frank, Instant Family), JJ Nolan (Snatchers), Charlotte Ubben (The Novice, Wildling), Alex Klein (Lady of the Manor), Michael Tennant, Graham Outerbridge, Vanessa Chester, and Amy Margher

A comedy that follows a flailing couple on a getaway trip with affluent strangers: down the rabbit hole, and into the most unhinged weekend of their lives. Smash a glass, take the ride!