Shadowrail Circus

Directed by: Luke Minak

Written by: Tony Binns, Russ Uttley, Bobby Henwood

Executive Produced by: Luke Carroll (The Willoughbys, Escape from Planet Earth)

Produced by: Paul Pattison

Production Company: Relish Studios in association with Wasabi Entertainmen

When fourteen-year old Lettie Donough unknowingly unlocks her dormant magical abilities, she is thrust into the wondrous world of the Shadowrail Circus — a troupe of fantastical performers led by a magnificent Trackdragon. Pursued by a sorcerous Pirate Queen, Lettie must learn to survive the perilous Tracklands and discover her family’s dark legacy…


Shadowrail Circus is the first movie based on the award-winning Weirdwood Universe — where acts of creativity bring into being fantastical worlds, magnificent monsters, and captivating characters.

Journey between the real world and the realm of fantasy and imagination where creativity is magic. Weirdwood first launched in 2015 as an Interactive Story App with over 1M downloads that Apple named iPad App of the Year Runner-Up.

Weirdwood has since been expanded by Macmillan Publishing as a 3 book, middle-grade novel series and even has a board game in production. The second Volume of the Weirdwood App will be coming out soon, and the Shadowrail Circus spin-off app will be released in advance of the movie premiere.