Aspiring journalist, Peter (DENHAM) and his girlfriend, Lorna (VICIUS) go undercover to investigate a mysterious cult led by the enigmatic Maggie (Marling). Maggie claims to be a traveler from the future on an important mission. Growing her food, obsessively sanitizing her chamber, giving her blood for transfusion – the cult’s members blindly follow her orders and protect her fervently. When Peter and Lorna smuggle hidden cameras into Maggie’s basement, bent on exposing her as a charlatan and freeing the members from her spell, they find Maggie’s presence hypnotic and difficult to escape. What follows is a delicately paced and riveting plunge into a psychological maelstrom of uncertainty and danger. Director Zal Batmanglij (Variety’s Ten Directors to Watch 2012) crafts a debut film that crackles with mesmerizing command of form, offering no easy answers in the elusive search for truth.