The Last Word

Written & Directed by:

Geoffrey Haley (The Parlor)


Winona Ryder (Stranger Things,Black Swan), Wes Bentley (Hunger Games, American Beauty) and Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond)

Evan (Bentley) makes his living as a creative writer. His gift lies not in novels or poetry, but in suicide notes for those needing an inspirational final message. One day he attends a client’s funeral and meets Charlotte (Ryder), sister of the deceased. As their relationship blossoms, Evan also begins working with Abel (Romano), a new suicidal client and composer of phone-waiting music. Evan confides in Abel about Charlotte as she begins to draw him out. Evan’s relationship with Charlotte is based on a lie, and his friendship with Abel is headed toward suicide. They must all decide if the chance at love and friendship can overcome the perils that life sometimes brings.