The Lost Ones

Directed by:
Ricardo de Montreuil (Lowriders, Upcoming: Amazon’s Once Upon a Time in Aztlan)
Written by:

Miles Kelly & Brandon Robinson

Produced by:
Mini Mach Media – Emerson Machtus (The Little Hours, Pink Skies Ahead) & Fernando Ferro (Pink Skies Ahead, The Birthday Cake)
Dark Dreams Entertainment – Alex Pettyfer & James Ireland (Echo Boomers, Collection)

Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four, Magic Mike, Hunters in the Dark

On the run from unseen spirits haunting their daughter, a young family moves to a secluded house to keep her safe from unwanted scrutiny… But when her visions attract the attention of a disturbed neighbor, the family is forced into a struggle for survival with both the living and the dead.