The ‘Fifth Element’ and ‘Armageddon’ star finally returns to space in this sci-fi actioner, which The Exchange is selling at the Virtual Cannes Market.

It’s been a long time since Bruce Willis went into orbit to save the world. But the space suit still fits fine.

In an exclusive first look photo from new sci-fi actioner Cosmic Sin, the Fifth Element star once again looks ready to kick some alien butt.

Willis plays James Ford, one of a group rouge soldiers in a futuristic human society who are fighting to save their race from destruction by a hostile alien species with the power to infect and take over human hosts. Cosmic Sin is written and directed by Corey Large and Edward Drake, who co-wrote the upcoming sci-fi feature Breach, also starring Willis. Frank Grillo, Adelaide Kane and Luke Wilson co-star. Cosmic Sin is currently in post.

Saban Films picked up North American rights to the film earlier this year. The Exchange is selling the film internationally at this week’s Virtual Cannes Market.

Willis has appeared in some classic sci-fi films, including two of the best time-travel movies in history: Terry Gilliam’s 1995 12 Monkeys, starring alongside Brad Pitt, and Rian Johnson’s Looper (2012) with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt. But his biggest sci-fi successes were as the special forces soldier/space taxi driver Korben Dallas in Luc Besson’s 1997 film The Fifth Element and as Harry S. Stamper, the deep-core driller who saves the world from a rouge asteroid, in Michael Bay’s space disaster epic Armageddon (1998).