The Exchange is introducing the project at the Virtual Cannes Market, where the Willis-starring sci-fi actioner ‘Cosmic Sin’ is also being sold.

It’s impossible to keep a good action hero down.

Bruce Willis, star of the Die Hard franchise, The Fifth ElementArmageddon and Looper, to name just a few of the action credits he’s amassed over the years, is getting back in the saddle for Reactor, being introduced at the Virtual Cannes Market by The Exchange.

This time, however, Willis is swapping sides from good to bad, playing the leader of a gang of mercenaries whose lust for revenge sees him hold a nuclear power plant hostage. In the end, it’s up to a former soldier to take him down.

Reactor — being produced and financed by 308 Enterprises and Almost Never Films — will be directed by Jared Cohn, who wrote the original script with Cam Cannon and Stephen Cyrus.

Corey Large (It Follows, The November Man) produces for 308 Enterprises alongside Danny Roth (Edge of FearHurricane Heist) of Almost Never Films and Johnny Messner, with Steven Eads as executive producer.

The film, due to go into production this summer, sees Willis reunite with The Exchange and 308 Enterprises following sci-fi actioner Cosmic Sin, which Large directed, wrote and produced. It was introduced at the European Film Market in Berlin earlier this year. Currently in post and with The Hollywood Reporter having revealed a first-look imageCosmic Sin — in which Willis plays a soldier in a futuristic human society fighting a hostile alien species — is also being sold at the Virtual Cannes Market. Saban has already taken U.S. rights.

“We’re honored Mr. Willis is collaborating with us again on Reactor,” said Large. “It’s extremely humbling and exciting having Bruce Willis making Bruce Willis movies. His energy, legacy, and decision to partner with 308 Enterprises again, makes me thrilled for the future. We’re grateful to Stephen Eads for his creative insight and leadership.””

Willis is represented by CAA and Ziffren Brittenham.