Lake Forest Entertainment and the Exchange are partnering to produce a Steve McQueen biopic, based on the biography by Marshall Terrill.

The Exchange’s Brian O’Shea and Jeff Bowler have made a deal with former William Morris agent Graham Kaye and Elliot Michael Smith from Lake Forest Entertainment to produce and co-finance the film. The Exchange will also be handling foreign and domestic sales.

Terrill’s “Steve McQueen: The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon” was published in 2010.

McQueen rose from a tough childhood as an Indianapolis street kid to become one of Hollywood’s highest-paid movie stars. Terrill spent 10 years doing research to retrace the path of McQueen’s life leading up to his death in Mexico in 1980 at the age of 50.

“McQueen is the King of Cool,” said O’Shea. “His life was unflinching and impacted so many people around the globe, we are proud to be part of the driving force to bring this movie to life.”

Lake Forest Entertainment acquired the book option one year ago.

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